Wesleyan Doula Project

partner support

If your partner thinks they’re pregnant or is pregnant and has decided to have an abortion, there are many ways you can support them.

  • Listen and use non-judgmental, compassionate language.
  • Help with all financial costs.
  • Accompany them to the health center, a nearby pharmacy, and any other appointments they may have.
  • Accompany them to clinic or stay with them during an at-home medical abortion.
  • For Wesleyan Students
    • If your partner is having an abortion and you are interested in connecting with a doula for personal support or to find out more information about the process so that you can better support them, please email us. Our doulas are trained to provide confidential care.
    • If your partner is having an abortion, request a Support Kit from us. These kits include maxi pads, hot packs, ginger ale, crackers, and a note from a doula. We also take requests for any candy or treats, if possible.